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PG and MSc in Family Medicine

  • Continuing Professional Education for physicians in primary care

  • Educational accreditation by UK Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)

  • Opportunity to become International Member of RCGP

  • An online programme with option of full-time or part-time study, depending on your schedule and commitments

  • Award-winning e-learning technologies and the first university in Europe to receive triple-certification for online education

Today’s healthcare challenges, whether strengthening health systems, improving the quality of our patient care, or enhancing access to healthcare, require strong primary care.

Strong primary care in turn requires competent family doctors who are forward-thinking and keen to develop new relationships with patients and other health professionals in primary and secondary care.

To address these global population health challenges, the University of Nicosia Medical School offers a Postgraduate Diploma and MSc in Family Medicine delivered online.

It is a structured continuing professional development programme for physicians working as Family Doctors or in the community with a specialist role in internal medicine, paediatrics, or gynaecology.


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Family medicine is one of the most challenging of all the medical specialties. It involves looking after most of the patients, with most of the problems, most of the time, and therefore needs a really high-quality education. The Postgraduate Diploma at the University of Nicosia Medical School offers high-quality education for people who are going to take on the challenging work involved in primary care and family medicine.

Sir David Haslam, Professor of General Practice, Chair of UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

The MSc in Family Medicine programme has provided me with knowledge and skills to practice medicine using an evidenced based patient centred approach. Professional development is an important part of being a doctor. This programme has given me inspiration to reach higher goals as a Family Physician and instilled in me the desire to be a life-long learner.

Dr Maria Avraamidou, MSc in Family Medicine, Class of 2016

This programme has broadened my scope and has given depth to my understanding of family medicine and its practice. It has helped me develop a reflective, empathetic, and structured communication pattern with my patients.

Dr Daniel Unegbu, MScFM 2019 Cohort

The Master in Family Medicine is delivered at a flexible time, something that suits my busy professional life. In addition, it gives me the ability to choose my own pathway comfortably and at my own pace.

Dr Intisar Alghurabi , MScFM 2019 Cohort

The program was excellent and pursuing it turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. I unreservedly recommend the MSc in Family Medicine to every GP. I can also say work at my practices has increased in volume since I completed the course as today’s patients — because they are able to cross-reference information online — are in a better position to realize if their doctor is up to date on new medical developments or not.

Dr Christos Hadjicostas, MSc in Family Medicine, Class of 2016

I want to provide my patients with the best clinical practice they could receive.  The continuous education, the latest evidence-based knowledge and the clinical reasoning skills ,delivered by this programme, will help me achieve this goal.

Nihal Alber Garas , MScFM 2019 Cohort

With a comprehensive curriculum in the master’s degree and modern teaching methods and international experts for tutors, this program enables me to become an adaptable and critical thinker and a lifelong reflective learner.

Dr Irene Cotter, MSc in Family Medicine, Class of 2016

The Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine has received educational accreditation from the UK Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP). Furthermore, the University of Nicosia Medical School has been accredited by the RCGP to deliver the MRCGP International exam in Cyprus.  Students successfully completing the first two semesters and meeting the RCGP’s clinical experience eligibility criteria will be entitled to sit the examination in Cyprus to qualify as an International Member of the RCGP.

This exam consists of three components: a written applied knowledge examination, a workplace-based assessment portfolio and a clinical skills examination. The first two components are shared with the assessments for the PG, so only the clinical skills examination is an additional requirement for the MRCGP[INT] in Cyprus.

Because the content of the programme is aligned with the RCGP curriculum, students are well prepared to take this exam at another RCGP International site.

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Coursework in Virtual Reality (VR)

MSc in Family Medicine students also have the option to view course content in Virtual Reality, using any standard, affordable VR headset.

Course content includes pre-recorded classroom lectures, as well as surgical skills demonstrations from the doctor’s point of view.

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The minimum full-time duration of the MSc programme in Family Medicine is 18 months (three semesters), with a flexible part-time option of up to four academic years. The first two semesters consist of eight core clinically focused modules. Semester three is primarily research-oriented, offering an opportunity for students to develop their research skills.


The programme is completed online, with each module delivered over 3 learning weeks through an electronic platform. This platform enables access to video-recorded presentations, written material and lecture notes whilst allowing for active learning through interactive seminars, case-based discussions in forums, online quizzes, and workshops.


1. A medical degree granted by an institution recognised in the country where it is offered
2. Evidence of current registration with the relevant medical council
3. You must be involved in clinical practice throughout the duration of your enrolment in the programme
4. 2 Professional reference letters
5. In-person or online interview


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